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Welcome to Eastside Bluegrass, where we bring some of the best talent from around our region to you. We invite you to come and enjoy this fun and rousing music with us in our many concerts throughout the year. Everyone is welcome! Take a look at some of the great groups we have coming this fall and into next year. Admission is only a suggested $10 per person donation at the door and we have a full service snack bar, great seating, fantastic sound and great company. Our concerts are usually held on the second Saturday of each month unless we have special show or a conflict with a holiday.

Jamming begins at 5:30pm so bring an instrument and join in. Don't play? Well, bring your voice and sing along!

Show begins at 7:00pm with usually two groups split by a "tweener" act and a break for refreshments. Very relaxed atmosphere and plenty of time to talk and visit with friends, musicians and new acquaintances. You can also download our current flyer that you can print, post and give to your friends by clicking here.

Click on the name or website name on the left column of any of the groups to go to their website and listen to what super talent we have in store for you. If you have any comments or suggestions for our new website let us know!

Eastside Bluegrass series is proud to have our fabulous sound system at our concerts courtesy of Mark Gensman of "Ground Zero Sound".

See ya there! Click here for a map to the concert location.


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Eastside Bluegrass Series
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music "Marching through Georgia"courtesy of The Loafers)

SPECIAL VIDEO: Steve Blanchard sings "Eight More Miles to Louisville" during October show!!




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Winter 2015 Schedule

January 10th

Lost Creek
Bluegrass Band






Wayward Vessel

From Portland, Oregon, Lost Creek Bluegrass Band delivers a driving blend of bluegrass and old time standards with terrific vocal harmonies and tasteful instrumentation. For years they've delighted audiences at festivals, pubs, parks, dances, markets, and weddings throughout Oregon and Washington. The band is comprised of: Kirk Miller playing mandolin/vocals. Kirk grew up in South Louisiana and had little or no exposure to bluegrass. He started playing guitar in high school and was exposure to bluegrass while attending school in Colorado and living in West Virginia. Portland's vibrant music scene inspired Kirk to pick up the mandolin and he has been obsessed with bluegrass ever since. Will Rausch (bass fiddle/vocals) was raised in a bluegrass household and learned most of what he knows from his mandolin-pickin father. He spent many years merely listening to the high lonesome sound, but that all changed when he had finally lived enough heartbreak, hard times, and train wrecks that bluegrass seemed a natural form of expression. Grant Raddon (guitar/vocals) rounds out Lost Creek's sound with his smooth baritone vocal attack and fine pickin' on his Martin guitar. Grant first got a steel-string guitar after he accidentally backed over his first instrument, a classical guitar. Dave Dowdy (banjo/vocals) has his high, lonesome voice and Scruggs style banjo picking, Dave gives Lost Creek that hard drivin’ traditional bluegrass sound. He was first introduced to bluegrass when he moved to Portland in 1974. Dave lists Earl Scruggs and J.D. Crowe as the influence for his banjo style, but credits hours of watching and listening to the banjo players from the local bands (Mike Eisler, Ian Joel, Jim Mills, and Rick Shubb) for helping refine his style. A native Oregonian, he also plays guitar and fiddle and is a high school math teacher. Brian Donnelly (fiddle) originally discovered bluegrass in 1995 while attending the Mid-Winter festival in Colorado. He's been listening to and playing bluegrass on various instruments ever since. Brian is also a huge fan and former mandolin student of Portland's own Greg Clarke.

wayward vslWayward Vessel is an acoustic quartet exploring the boundaries of bluegrass and folk music with superb musicianship and beautiful vocal harmonies. Each member of the band is a master of their instrument, creating a unique palette to portray their rich library of original and traditional music. Julie Schmidt on fiddle, Josiah Payne on mandolin, Josh Feinberg on bass and Ken Chapple on guitar. Miss Schmidt is a talented multi-instrumentalist and songwriter, but most impressive are her fiddle playing and singing. Her violin weeps with sincerity, and her voice resonates with sweetness and maturity. Josiah has been playing groundbreaking licks on the mandolin since he was a wee lad, with his family band, The Hot Strings. Josiah won several mandolin competitions, including Rockygrass and the Walnut Valley Mandolin Championship in Winfield, Kansas.Ken is a musician's musician who has studied many genres, and is able to intelligently combine them to create new and beautiful sounds. Josh is an extremely talented bass player, mastering licks on the bass that many fiddle players cannot even play! 
February 8th
Bands still being determined...stay tuned!

March 8th

Rose in the Heather




Whistlin' Rufus

Rose in the Heather played at the Winlock Acoustic Music Festival and folks loved them.” It is one of the most unusual bluegrass group you will hear. Their Irish fiddler, Julie, can play up a storm. She’s been playing cello since she was nine years old and fiddle the last eighteen years. She even toured in Europe when she was in the Portland Youth Philharmonic. Johnny plays a asdrums or whatever and has a voice smoother than Southern Comfort. He grew up singing gospel (his dad was a church choir director) and plays drums because "he doesn't want to hog the show." Lisa plays conga and boghran and has a voice "like an angel.” Curt plays the an electric bass and got his start as a rock ‘n roll player but the way he weaves rock ‘n roll riffs into bluegrass is amazing. Chris on guitar can play anything he feels like. They call him Mr. Jukebox, and he’s the one that comes out to Slow Jams to listen to bluegrass. And finally there is Mike on the guitar and can add a piano if one is available. You’re in for quite a show that you won’t want to miss!
Whistlin' Rufus is not just a traditional fiddle and acoustic guitar band. Their new CD, “It’s About Time’ is a combination of infectious melodies, lively bluegrass, soulful ballads and fast and joyous Irish pub tunes. Rufus crafts their close harmonies, heartfelt lyrics and beautiful melodies around each song to make them uniquely their own - the kind of songs that you find yourself listening to again and again and humming when you’re stuck in traffic. This group of five talented, experienced musicians draws their creative strength from very diverse musical backgrounds and experiences. Pat Connell plays mandolin and guitar and is the lead singer, Ritchie Wernick sings harmony and plays guitar and harmonica, and classically trained cellist John Hubbard adds a sweet, rich balance on the cello and tasty flourishes with his banjo. The close-knit, talented group shares vocals, Natasha O’Neal plays fiddle as no one else can and Greg Paul adds the base. If you would like to contact the band, email to Listen to some of their great music at htp://

April 12th

Fern Hill




Hardshell Harmony


Fern Hill approaches its bluegrass music in the style of the classic bands of the 1950's.This special attention to detail results in an instantly identifiable rhythmic sound that both devotees and newcomers to the music will love. Fern Hill has a lot of fun playing this music and we know you'll have fun too! Steve Bond is Fern Hill's bass player and, as you would expect, plays a big accoustic upright bass. Steve, also a veteran of several well-known Oregon bands, rounds out many of the trios with his stratospheric and high baritone singing. Mike Eisler is the fiddle player and harmony singer for Fern Hill. A Veteran multi-instrumentalist for many well know west coast bands. Mike has a recent original instrumental project recorded called "Lost Tribe". Mike's nickname is "Crazy Fiddle" and you'll soon know why! Paul Smith, is the lead singer and rhythm guitar player for Fern Hill. He can sing all the harmony parts from tenor to bass. Paul has played this music since his childhood days and for years performed with Northwest bands playing guitar and bass. Rollie Champe is the tenor/lead singer and mandolin player for the band. Rollie, who also plays guitar and bass, has played in many well-known bands from Oregon to South Carolina. Rollie has a classic bluegrass tenor voice and contributes to any harmony part. John Van Brocklin plays the 5 string banjo for Fern Hill. Known for his strong, straight ahead, classic style's of J.D. Crowe, Ralph Stanley and Earl Scruggs. John pushes the band's sound along like a locomotive. John also contributes to the vocals
From the beautiful Columbia River Gorge this high energy group is full of spirit,and comedy. Playing original songs from the masters of long ago and helping preserve live traditional music is what makes this group have a following of music friends and pickers. This four piece group has performed at many venues across the Pacific NW. Members include Candie Robarge on the bass fiddle and husband Mike Robarge picking guitar. Chuck Haynie does a bang up job on the five string while the youngster of the group, Clint Miller plays a unique freestyle fiddle they all blend together for a unique sound.Having Eastern influence is noticeable with this band. Blending harmony and sweet simple picking these musicians and there choice of songs make a foot tapping, knee slapping, good time, with harmony vocals that sets them apart from others.
May 10th
Bands still being determined...stay tuned!